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PROTECTION OF PERSONAL INFORMATION is determined and strongly committed to protecting the privacy of its users or visitors, and has an obligation to maintain confidential their personal information.

The OPTI Foundation, will only collect personal information in an adequate manner, that is relevant and not excessive for it's purpose, finality, utility, or services and/or features included in the website, in a manner that, furthermore, is determined, explicit and legitimate, and that therefore in no case will be fraudulent, untrue or of course illicit, or that will in any way endanger the legitimate rights of the user.

As a consequence and in accordance with the law 15/1999, of 13th December, for the Protection of Information of a Personal Nature we state that to all intents and purposes:

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  • We will not use the information for commercial purposes unless the registered user has given us his / her permission

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  1. The OPTI Foundation will not be held responsible for any technical, editorial, typographical or other similar error. Nor shall it be held responsible for the opinions expressed in published articles, which always belong to the authors mentioned in the copyright notice that identify them as such. Nor shall it be held responsible for information that has not been updated.

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      If such a case is brought to our knowledge, action will be taken with due diligence to delete or inactivate the corresponding link, as established by the LSSICE (Law of Services to the Information Society and Electronic Commerce).

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