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Since its creation, the OPTI Foundation has progressively widened its presence at all levels of decision-making where science and technology are fundamental aspects. At a national level, OPTI commenced its activities with the organisation of the 1998 - 2001 Technology Foresight Programme. This programme of a multi-sectoral nature benefitted from the voluntary participation of over a thousand Spanish technology experts. The three reports generated as a result of this programme marked a before and after in the application of foresight in Spain. With this as a base, OPTI has not ceased to work in the publication of technology foresight studies of a sectoral nature, constantly expanding a knowledgebase available to all those interested. The OPTI Foundation's demonstrated expertise in the study of technologies of the future, has led to its participation in the development of the 2008 - 2011 National RDI Programme. The OPTI Foundation contributed to this process by providing consultancy services for the identification of lines of research in the programme's different scientific and technological fields.

OPTI also collaborates regularly with regional governments in the creation of their strategies on technology, as well as in the development of sectoral studies of interest to the region in question.
Through this involvement, OPTI helps to determine priority areas and those that hold greatest potential for the region. Among these studies of a sectoral nature are both foresight studies as well as made to measure technology watch systems.

OPTI also offers its services to private enterprises. Of notable importance in this area is OPTI's long-term collaboration with the Spanish Federation of Healthcare Technology Companies (FENIN), in the form of various foresight studies in the health sciences field.

Since its establishment, the OPTI Foundation has nurtured its presence in international foresight forums. This has led to regular participation in projects outside national frontiers, whether European projects funded by the framework programmes for R&D and in collaboration with other European institutions, or projects based in Latin America. Some of these were carried out in collaboration with The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), whilst others are fruit of bilateral relationships maintained between OPTI and various institutions, such as the Federation of Industries of the State of Paraná in Brazil (FIEP).

OPTI's approach to foresight contemplates various methodologies. Whilst OPTI's first studies were based exclusively on Delphi questionnaires, new challenges have led to other techniques being perfected, such as the development of future scenarios, the creation of roadmaps or the identification of key technologies.

A vital aspect for the development of quality foresight exercises is the participation of professionals and experts. The number these that have voluntarily participated in OPTI studies, either through attending expert panels, answering questionnaires, or other types of participation, currently stands at around 10,000 people. To all of these the OPTI Foundation would like to express its most sincere gratitude.

The OPTI Foundation hopes to continue serving today's society in its progress towards a future of prosperity and wellbeing through innovation and technological development.

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