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Knowledge Network

OPTI was established with a view to developing its activities using existing resources within the country as a starting point, rejecting a priori the possibility of creating an institution from scratch. This criterion led to a search for collaboration from existing technology organisations, each with their own specific qualities, in order to start together a networking-based work philosophy.

OPTI is therefore from its very conception a networked organisation, that forms part of a group of technology organisations specialising in different fields, each with their own objectives and interests. This constitutes what is known as a knowledge network, an efficient structure for the generation of knowledge for use outside the network, its scope for action and influence becoming far greater than that of the sum of its parts. In a knowledge network, two plus two does not equal four, but much more.

This network participates in all of OPTI's activities, whether foresight exercises, technology watch, monitoring technological evolution, or the application of foresight in strategic planning, both at national and international levels. The constituents of the network are:

Each of the technological entities that form the OPTI network deals with the activities to be carried out in their respective areas of specialist knowledge. All of them also independently carry out technological activities, and are renowned for their level of excellence and profound involvement in the business fabric of their particular sectors.

The network's activities are governed by a common strategy, meticulously using the same methodologies under unique operational management. To achieve this, participative management mechanisms have been designed and put into practice, that over a decade have proven their effectiveness and operational capacity.

OPTI also carries out activities in many other sectors and areas of knowledge, for which expert collaboration is resorted to depending on specific needs in each case.

Furthermore, OPTI holds an agreement for collaboration with the Spanish National Research Council, for the incorporation of experts to studies as required.

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