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Technology Foresight

The carrying out of foresight studies is OPTI's primary hallmark. For the development of this work, the following definition of technology foresight, accepted by the OECD, has been into account:

"systematic attempts to look into the longer-term future of science, technology, economy and society with a view to identifying emerging generic technologies likely to yield the greatest economic and/or social benefits".

In the development of its studies, OPTI uses the most commonly used methodologies in the foresight field, amongst these are:

DELPHI questionnaires

These are the basis of most of the foresight studies carried out. In all cases, the study starts with the formulation of a set of hypotheses for the future by a panel of experts in the area of study. These mutually agreed upon hypotheses are what the numerous subjects are later asked about in the corresponding questionnaires.

Scenario building

Scenario building is used in cases where contradictory possibilities for evolution that hold similar levels of uncertainly are contemplated. This methodology enables the identification of the paths through which the possible alternative futures may be achieved.

Key technologies

The identification of key technologies enables, through collective consideration on behalf of sectoral expert panels, an analysis of the possible evolution of technologies depending on their attractiveness (specific to the nature of each technology) and their position in their area of application (region, country, sector, etc.).


Roadmaps start with the definition of a desirable future vision. Through collective consideration by expert panels, that start their task by analysing the current situation of the environment in question, the technological actions required in order to reach the desired future vision are indentified, along with possible agents that could contribute to its achievement.

Other tools

Other tools of an instrumental nature are also used in OPTI studies, such as the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) method of analysis, in-depth interviews, custom-designed computer applications for the analysis of questionnaires, etc..

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