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OPTI in Europe

OPTI has developed since its beginnings an intense level of activity in European projects for the European Commission and in collaboration with the European Union's Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS). OPTI was quickly integrated into the European Science and Technology Observatory (ESTO) network, now called the European Techno-Economic Policy Support Network (ETEPS NET), which is supported by the IPTS and formed by Europe's most prestigious foresight institutions.

OPTI has participated in the following European projects, in some of them as a core part the management team:

  • FOREN (Foresight for Regional Development). Participating countries: Hungría, Finlandia, Irlanda, Alemania, España, Holanda.
  • INFORMAN 2000. Participating countries: Inglaterra, Turquía, Suecia, Irlanda, Hungría, España, Dinamarca, Alemania, Suiza y Bélgica.
  • IOFCO (2001) Participating countries: Francia, Italia, Portugal y España
  • LIIP (Linking Innovation and Industrial Property). Participating countries: Luxemburgo, España, Italia, Irlanda y Grecia.
  • Trends in vehicle and Fuel Technologies. Participating countries: España y Holanda.
  • Acción COST A22: European Network for Foresight Methodology. Participating countries: Rumanía, Israel, España, Hungría, Italia, Holanda, Inglaterra, Eslovaquia, Estonia, Suecia, Bulgaria, Portugal, Chipre, Noruega, Finlandia, Malta, Alemania, República Checa, Estonia, Dinamarca, Francia, Grecia, Bélgica y Suiza
  • MANVIS (Manufacturing Visions). Participating countries: Austria, Bélgica, Bulgaria, Croacia, Dinamarca, Estonia, Finlandia, Francia, Alemania, Grecia, Hungría, Italia, Holanda, Noruega, Polonia, Rumanía, Eslovaquia, Eslovenia, España, Suecia, Turquía e Inglaterra.
  • FutureFood6: Healthy and Safe Food for the Future. Participating countries: Bulgaria, Eslovaquia, Rumanía, España, Hungría, Croacia, República Checa y Austria.
  • ForTransRIS. A new transregional foresigh model for the regional innovation strategies. Participating countries: Italia, Alemania, Francia, España y Suecia.

Furthermore, OPTI has formed part of the European Union's High Level Expert Group (HLEG) on Converging Technologies (Nano, Bio, Info, Cogno), since its establishment in 2003.


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