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OPTI in Spanish Autonomous Regions

Since the year 2001 OPTI's collaboration with Spanish Autonomous Regions has been set out as a priority in the strategic directives laid down by the board of trustees, and currently accounts for one of the OPTI Foundation's primary areas of activity.

This collaboration can be divided into three types of activities (not exclusive of others that may come about in the future), these are:

The presentation of results from foresight studies

Since the year 2001, seminars for presenting the results of foresight studies have been carried out in practically all of the autonomous regions of Spain. In each of these, the presentation has been focused on the priority sectors for the regional governments, in view of the current state of production in the respective regions. These seminars have led to valuable forums of debate amongst the local agents from the sectors in question.

Foresight studies

Some of Spain's autonomous regions have promoted foresight studies relating to sectors of special strategic importance to them. Some of the most noteworthy cases, amongst others are:

  • The 'Marine Technologies' project, promoted by the Government of Galicia with the collaboration of the Government of the Canary Isles, comprising of four foresight studies carried out simultaneously: Fishing Technologies, Aquaculture, Marine Products Processing Industry and Technologies for the Observation and Control of the Marine Environment.
  • The foresight study on logistics: The Future of the Supply Chain, promoted by the Government of Aragon.
  • The foresight study on The Digital Home, promoted by the Innovation and Development Agency of Andalusia (IDEA).
  • The foresight study on Tourism Demand in Andalusia in 2020 and its Implications in the Sector for the Andalusian Regional Ministry for Tourism, Commerce and Sports.

Planning of future strategies based on foresight at the service of regional technology policy

In these projects the best courses of action and priorities with regards to technology policy for the regions in question are identified, through the analysis of evolutionary trends identified in foresight studies. This analysis is carried out by sectoral expert panels that are representative of the regions active agents. Projects of this type have been carried out in Navarre, Madrid, Murcia, Extremadura, La Rioja and the Canary Isles.



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