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OPTI's primary area of activity is the development of foresight studies. However, as of the year 2000 this has been complemented with technology watch services, strategic planning based on foresight, and the development of periodic reports on technological evolution, based on a system of indicators relating to evolutionary trends identified through foresight. All of these activities contribute to reducing the high level of underlying uncertainty in strategic decision-making in a world characterised by globalisation and the fast evolution of technology.

The development of foresight studies is OPTI's hallmark. These studies are generally of a sectoral nature, and can often be oriented to very specific areas of activity, enabling a high level of detail in the analysis of the technologies involved. As a basic criterion, foresight studies are developed for a 15 year time horizon, which in certain fields may be adapted to a different timescale depending on the nature of the field under study.

OPTI periodically publishes series technology watch bulletins for various sectors. This work is carried out thanks to collaboration from the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (OEPM), and the participation of various centres from the OPTI network. An agreement is also in place between OPTI and the Spanish Ministry of the Sea for the development of new technology watch activities.

The results of technology foresight studies are adapted to diverse regional, socioeconomic and cultural contexts, in order to be used as a base on which to build policies and development strategies. This process demands a detailed analysis and the active participation of representative agents from the field in question, as well as the application of suitable methodologies. OPTI's activities in this area is of great importance in Spain as in Latin America, with the use of our own unique work methodologies that have been very well received thanks to their effectiveness and versatility.

Since 2003, OPTI has published an annual report monitoring the evolutionary trends of the technologies identified in their respective foresight studies in various fields and sectors. This report reflects the evolution of a high number of indicators (not only quantitative ones), which enables an evaluation of the extent to which the relevant technologies are being incorporated in the whole of the sectors under consideration.


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